With the ever increasing costs of doing business, companies are
downsizing and streamlining their operations to maintain the
competitive advantage.  This means maximizing productivity with a
minimum of staffing.

Affordable Solutions, Inc's objective is to provide highly skilled
professionals to those companies requiring additional personnel
during periods of peak workloads or adding to their permanent staff.

When you call, we're ready!  Your   
needs are immediate, screened,      
qualified and affordable.
Affordable Solutions, Inc.s staff has over forty years of combined
experience, working in the high tech industry, including both the
commercial and military sectors.  Those years were spent intimately
involved in all aspects of design and related support functions, i.e.,
purchasing, quality and manufacturing, including hands-on and
management.  ASI feels this experience sets it apart from the
competition by making it more sensitive to your specific needs.
Your Technical Staffing Specialists