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Your Technical Staffing Specialists

5+ years experience in trouble shooting electronic circuit boards to component level using schematics,
bills of materials, and trouble shooting equipment (scopes, DMMs, etc). Performs a variety of duties in
the electronic, mechanical, electromechanical, and/or optical areas. Constructs, troubleshoots,
calibrates, adjusts, tests, diagnoses, and maintains equipment, components, devices, or systems. Works
from schematics, engineering drawings and written or verbal instructions. Operates related equipment;
conducts tests and reports data in prescribed format. Performs calibration and alignment checks; makes
adjustments, modifications, and replacements as directed; prepares prescribed compounds and
solutions. Exclude technicians working in production or quality assurance. 5+ Years experience in
trouble shooting complex electronic circuit card assemblies. Ability to read schematics. Working
knowledge of ohms law.

Associates degree or better
Test Technician III
Position: Contract
Shift: 1st
Location: Marion Area